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[Jul. 19th, 2008|06:45 pm]
Female Metal Guitarists and Bassists


Dual purpose:- intro, and comm promo.

Name: SJ
Nickname(s): aitakute will be fine.
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Melbourne, AU

Weapon(s) of choice (instruments): B.C Rich Ironbird.

How long have you been playing?: Recently.

Are you in a band? If so, what’s it called? Any similar bands?: None at the moment.

7 Favorite Bands: 30 Seconds to Mars, Malice Mizer, Metallica, solo artists such as Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, etc. I listen to a diverse range of music, and while I love metal as a genre, to single out a band or two's not my kind of thing. :P

Some musicians you look up to: Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Al di Meola, in terms of technicality on guitar

Best metal concert you’ve been to: - (come blow my mind, world!)

Something fun and interesting about yourself: That guitar I own was the result of winning the top prize of a slogan-writing competition. I've christened her Merveilles (French for 'miracles') because she is, simply, a miracle. ;)

Pictures of you and/or your instrument(s): -

P/s: Dear Mods, my apologies if this section is not allowed. Feel free to remove. :)

This is to promote a new community, seriousaboutit. Specially catered to those who are starting their journey into the world of guitar-playing, who would like a place to keep track of their progress without offloading everything onto their own personal Livejournal - we know not everyone's interested in your guitar ramblings. (Geeks, unite!) Or maybe you would want someone else to offer constructive critique to your progress; like-minded people who share your passion, someone who can understand why you've turned down the offer to date the hottest guy/girl (whichever way you sway) in town just to spend more time with your guitar...

This is for you. We're serious about our guitar-playing and getting there, just like you. ;)